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Create your own wisdom library with Quotera.

Quotera helps you easily save quotes from any book that you read, to build up a library of quotes that resonates with you, to create your own custom book of quotes.

No more side notes

Do you write notes in your books, bend corners, or use colored tabs to mark important pages that you don't want to forget?

With Quotera, you can save all of your favorite and important quotes in one place, to have it always on hand and in your pocket.

You can also edit parts you want to change, to put into your own words, and share it with friends.

"Now I can finally keep the interesting passages from the books even while reading in the tram or on a park bench."
— Terda

"Very usefull app for a bookworm without a good memory."

— PeFu

"The best app for electronic book notations on your phone. Pleasant user environment developed by Czech developers."

— Arkagas1989

Create your own quote library

Categorize your notes into books, so you can easily find a specific quote, browse, or reread what you saved.

Digitize your book notes

Create a digital folder for your physical book to organize all of your quotes.

Use the ISBN scanner or manually add the book to easily create a new digital folder.

Highlight your own quotes

Take a picture of the text you are reading and drag to highlight the part you want to save.

Add it to your collection as an image or as copied text to easily edit as you like. You always have the option to change it later!

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